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How to chose the diameter of the ring/handle?
An advice

How to repair fans ?
How to repair the handle
How to repair the spokes

What are the typical dimensions of fans, where to find a drawing?
In the Gallery you can find a photo with typical dimensions.

How to cover the handle?
An option

What kind of steel is used for fans ?
Take a look at the topic where this auestion is discussed.

What is the typical weight of a fan without wicks?
The answer for the fans from Misha.


Where to get the fans with big ring (Russian fans)?
You may check the Market section. There are many options, but note that homeoffans.com has nothing to do with any of these shops.

Which fans would I (Rem) recommend?
I would recommend fans from Misha or from Druu. Fans from Ignis are good as well. I tried several other Russian fans, and they neither seemed to be strong enough nor handy. However, I'm not trying to convince anyone and I have absolutely no money or other interest here.

How can I contact the shop owners from the Market page?
Leave a comment if there is no other contact information provided. Sometimes, I let them know about the comments even if they don't check.

Misha does not reply to my mails
Well, since it is not a store and he makes makes fans more as a hobby, he is not always available, especially if you contact him in English. Try to be patient or write more and more ) Many people finally made it Jokingly However, there are other places where you actually can buy his fans, just a bit more expensive.

Which fans are the best, strongest, lightest etc?
There are no perfect fans. Please be aware that most of what fan makers tell you is a bullshit. All fans will eventually break, there are no unbreakable materials, super steel alloys etc. Even fans from Misha break, Lotus fans break, all fans will break. Only energy conservation law does not break ) So every time you drop your fan it little by little breaks. Some are faster than the others though.

Where to get fan covers?
There is no way to get it. You MUST design and make your own covers. And do not copy it from the others!
Well, there are stores where you can purchase some covers, but it is expensive and it's hardly probable that they will fit your fans exactly.


Where to find fan tutorials ?
Go to the Tutorials / Обучалки page for full tutorials.
Go to the Moves / Элементы section for just database of various moves.

Where to start?
In the Moves page the videos can be sorted by the level, so try to go from one star moves to five stars )
You can also start with Basic tutorials from Rem.

Which grips correspond to which terms ?
Here is the list of grips.


How to embed video from the YouTube и t.c. into the posts and comments ?
You need just to get a code, using "Embed" button below the video on youtube.com, copy this code, and just paste it into the window where you enter the text of your message.
The code turns into the video window after the saving.
The same for other video hosting.

Can I post my own (may be low quality) video here?
Yes of course! The best way to do it is to post it on Video page

What kind of tags should I put?
Only one tag with the name of the person on video. Please DON'T use tags like "fans, fire, dance, video" etc, only name of the artist and event. Comma separated.

Can I help somehow to improve this web site?
Yes, the best way to help would be to add few videos to Moves database. Just record a short video (quality not important) with a move that was not uploaded there yet. Upload it on youtube, and use "add new move" link to share is there. I'll correct the terminology and the name if necessary.

Please feel free to ask any other questions.Winking


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